Warranty Coverage

HKADVANCE guarantees that its 6.5 mil to 8.5 mil paint protection film is free from manufacturer defects for a period of four to ten years from the date of purchase. Covered defects include but are not limited to yellowing, staining, cracking, bubbling, and delamination.

Warranty set up

The guarantee period begins from the date of purchase of the PPF by the customer.Customers are required to have the film installed at HKADVANCE authorized stores by professional technicians. After the installation of the PPF, customers must provide the authorized store with the car's ViN number, phone number, and name to be filled out on the warranty card provided by HKADVANCE.This information will be used for identity verification and matching the insured vehicle to the warranty. If the PPF product develops any of the defects mentioned above, customers need to return the car to the initial authorized installation store within the warranty period for warranty work. For more details, please contact HKADVANCE or its authorized stores.


Our company's product only corresponds to a one-to-one guarantee, and the insured vehicle needs to match the information on the warranty card for the guarantee to be valid. If the vehicle is transferred to another person after the PPF installation, the warranty will be voided. Additionally, authorized installation stores under HKADVANCE have no authority to modify or extend the warranty in any way. Accidental damage to the car and damage to the PPF are not covered under the warranty. HKADVANCE is fully responsible for determiningthe validity of all claims and reserves the right to reject claims that do not meet the above standards. Replacement of defective film (including parts and labor) is the sole remedy; liability does not extend to any other damages, whether incidental, consequential, or otherwise.