HK ADVANCE Paint Protection Film


PET Film - It's like the body of a protective film, made from a see-through, strong, and light material called thermoplastic polymer. It falls under the polyester category

Polyurethane (TPU) Layer - This is the top layer of PPF and faces the outside world. It's super tough against weather and UV rays, protecting the car paint from sunlight, rust, and chemicals. It keeps the paint shiny and new and can even fix tiny scratches by itself!

Adhesive Layer - This layer in PPF (Paint Protection Film) sits in the middle and is also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive. Its main job is to stick the PPF firmly onto the car surface.

Our PPF can be as thick as 8 mil. Based on our experience, this thickness is perfect for and-cutting and fitting PPF, giving the best quality finish and protecting the car paint, keeping it shiny and bright.



PPF provides additional protection to the car surface, reducing the risk of scratches and scrapes. Moreover, PPF effectively prevents yellowing of the car paint, which is irreversible and especially noticeable on white vehicles. Our PPF boasts excellent resistance to yellowing, ensuring that the vehicle maintains its fresh shine over the long term without affecting the original color of the factory paint.